Lighting Controls

the how

The How

The technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy (B.L.E.) which is the state-of-the-art wireless technology seen in all modern smart phones and other popular communication devices.

The Casambi B.L.E. was developed at Nokia research centre where the founding developers of Casambi worked. The solution provides the only mainstream and future proof low power radio technology available.

mesh network

The 'Mesh' Network

Each Casambi node uses the B.L.E. wireless communication to ‘mesh’ with other nodes, producing a networkof devices where all the intelligence is replicated in every node. Using this method provides a system with no single point of failure.

Mesh network enables the control of a large number of light fittings (and other devices). It also means that any updates to the system can be made over the network wirelessly.

Devices connected to a Casambi node are automatically ‘smart’. The end user does not require an internet connection for normal operation.


The App

The Casambi app is used as a commissioning tool and as a remote gateway. It is a free download and works with ios as well as android devices. It has been designed to be very easy to use for both the professional commercial lighting market and end user.




We can integrate the Casambi node with any other manufacturers’ light fitting or light switch, as well as providing a range of our own ‘Casambi ready’ fittings.

See link to the Smart Systems range of ‘Casambi ready’ light fittings.