Such has been the rapid pace of development in energy saving LED lighting that our entire range of commercial lighting products uses LED technology.

Lighting control is a significant factor when choosing luminaire types. LED technology reduces consumed energy and with the correct application of lighting controls, cost of use can be reduced even further. We provide DALI, DSI and analogue 1-10v drivers to work with most LED luminaires.


Our range of bulkhead luminaires provide solutions for all applications. If you require stylish solutions for staircases and corridors or robust fittings for more heavy duty environments then you will find them here.

Many of our products are assembled in our Coventry factory using high quality components supplied by our partners, including Tridonic.


LED downlighters are significantly more efficient than their fluorescent equivalents. The pace of development means that an increase in lumen output and reduction in consumed power further improves energy efficiency and cost savings.

Our range offers a professional selection featuring Tridonic, Philips and Osram control and also a commercial range of imported products.


LEDs love the cold weather – fact! They do not require a specific or consistent temperature to work well which gives the technology a great advantage in most outdoor applications. Our range of IP65 corrosion resistant fittings feature emergency and dimmable versions with integral sensors.


The 600 x 600 traditional office luminaire has changed dramatically. Now, LED fittings can meet the requirements in terms of illumination levels and glare control.


Bulkheads - LED

Downlighters - LED

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