• DALI control system with 2 mode options:
(a) Lighting management in mains mode
(b) Emergency Lighting management

• Control panel for up to 120 emergency luminaries
• DALI compatibility
• Individual labelling of groups and devices
• Link to PC
• Colour touch screen

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Emergency Lighting Automatic Self Test System
The new M3Connec is ideal for medium to large single or multi site installations either as a new or retro-fit solution.
Any self contained Dali emergency lighting unit may be connected to M3Connec via a Dali Gateway. The Gateway is
then connected to cloud storage via a traditional wireless interface. Each Gateway is capable of monitoring up to 256
Dali Emergency fittings, over 4 output circuits.
Control wiring between the Dali points to the Gateway is via a 2 core cable.
Access to interrogate and retrieve reports is via a P.C, tablet or smart phone using a free downloadable App.

• Automatic testing of emergency lighting
• Unlimited number of Dali emergency lighting points
• Free downloadable App for control and programming test regimes
• Cloud storage of test results with simple access
• Compatible with all Dali emergency lighting products
• Each luminaire provides a failure email if a fault occurs between tests. Email is sent to chosen recipients

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Smart Scene-Set60

This kit allows all the DALI compatible fittings to be scene set at all the same levels and the 4 levels to be set to the client’s requirements without the need of any outside commissioning.


The Smart Scene-Set 60 unit is supplied with a DALI Power supply unit (boxed) with the relevant DIN termination for ease of installation.

Also supplied is a 7 button switch; this has the option of 4 programmable scene options, plus a raise and lower function and an off key.

This kit allows all the DALI compatible fittings to be scene set at all the same levels and the 4 levels to be set to the client’s requirements without the need of any outside commissioning, if more complex scenes are required these can be programmed by one of our engineers on site.

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Self Test & Central Test Systems

Automatic Testing Systems to test emergency lighting products.


Two types of automatic testing are available for testing emergency lighting products.

Self test

Most of the self contained fittings supplied by Smart Systems are also available with a self test option. This function is initiated by an integral microprocessor which interrupts the power and typically tests the fitting briefly each month, and an annual full duration test. Reporting is provided by coloured led’s led s and /or intermittent buzzers to indicate faults.

The advantages of this type of testing are that no additional wiring is required and the cost difference over the standard unit is relatively small.

The disadvantages are that even though the tests are carried out in line with the relative standards an individual still has to attend each luminaire and record the resultant test. In addition as the tests are normally carried out randomly, disruption is possible in premises with sleeping accommodation.

Central test

As the name suggests the emergency fittings are connected, usually by a 2 core cable to a central control panel which initiates the tests and stores the results. The luminaires will either feature a self test interface in each fitting or be DALI compatible to provide the communication with the control panel. Programming the panel provides the flexibility to test the fittings in zones and at times to suit the operation of the building.

The advantages with the centralized system are that the results of the tests are stored in the control panel removing the need for individual testing and inspecting the luminaires, therefore saving considerable time and money on larger sites .As each luminaire has a unique address location it is a simple job to trace any faults.

Additional cabling and control panels costs are prohibitive for smaller premises

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