LDE5 Self Test

The LDE5W is a complete, quick and easy solution for LED applications. It is
designed to be used as a standalone unit to pass through a 70-75mm cut out.
Once recessed, the unit will be low profile and discrete on any surface with a
white mounting bezel and a recessed battery healthy LED indicator which
adds to the low profile finish. The unit comes as standard three hour duration
in emergency mode and is self-test as standard.

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Escape represents a milestone in emergency lighting combining all of the components in a single small luminaire.
Its flexible circuit technology enables a complete solution to be integrated in an extremely compact housing. The user interchangeable optics provide maximum flexibility covering a wide range of emergency applications. The combination with an energy-optimised lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery with a proven 8 years design life results in a high-quality product. A clever mounting concept saves valuable time during installation.

Features and Benefits
• Up to 217 lm (dependant on lens used)
• 5 year warranty on electronic components
• 3 year warranty on batteries
• Complete solution read2apply with integrated electronics, LED module, heat sink, optics and battery
• Includes click-in multi-lens option for anti-panic, escape route and spot illumination
• Emergency lighting function for manual testing, Self-Test and Dali
• Small size ceiling hole, 40 – 43 mm diameter, 80 mm height
• Very low stand-by power consumption
• Maintained and non-maintained variants
• Black Box technology – Retains whole life performance history
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Access downlight offers selfcontained,non-maintained operation emergency lighting with integral automatic Self-Test or DALI communication from a single product.


The Access unit offers a simple method of providing discreet emergency lighting in areas that require a surface mounted or recessed self-contained solution. Supplied with a ‘clip-in’ symmetrical wide angle lens or asymmetrical ‘corridor’ lens for escape routes (both supplied) the Access downlight simply requires a permanent 230Volt supply to provide effective nonmaintained emergency lighting with 3hour duration.

Standard DALI/Self-Test
Incorporating tried and tested emergency driver technology from the proSeries, the Access downlight offers selfcontained, non-maintained operation emergency lighting with integral automatic Self-Test or DALI communication from a single product. The enclosure may be surface mounted or recessed into the supporting surface. With either mounting option the Access is both discreet and attractive. Finished in white fire retardant plastic the Access blends in with the other architectural furniture. The excellent performance allows the units to be mounted at very wide spacings making installation simple and cost effective.

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• 3w LED downlight c/w inverter and battery pack

• Supplied with Silver trim and White trim

• Open Area or Corridor Lens option

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3 watt led emergency downlighter with narrow and wide beam options.


Where projects require the advantages of low energy / long life LEDs packaged in standard downlight fixing for plasterboard ceilings and ceiling tiles the LDE3 range of LED downlights are the perfect solution.

The LDE downlight offers either 60 degree or dissymmetric lens configurations packaged in a very attractive aluminum downlight fixing via spring clips into a 45mm diameter cut-out. For emergency lighting applications a 1mm green charge healthy indicator can be incorporated into the bezel.

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High performance 3 watt led recessed and surface downlighter.


Emergency luminaire, comprising 50 mm diameter lamp unit, containing charge indicator and whitepower LED, with articulated remote box enclosing non maintained driver, charger, and battery.

• LED high output
• 3 watt LED
• NiMH battery pack.

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