Zalex Linear

Upgrading installed luminaires from fluorescent to LED is possible with the Zalex Linear product.
Zalex linear is built up in lengths from 140mm and supplied on steel gear trays with an option of clear and semi transparent diffusers.
A very wide range of lumen outputs from 600-1700 lumens per 280mm provides the opportunity to match up with the  installed systems that require upgrading.
Selecting a driver to work with the Zalex Linear is a simple process and offers a choice of fixed output and dimmable.

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Led retro fit upgrade geartray for mains and emergency use, 12 watts to 31 watts with dimming options.

Zalex is a high quality led plate for use in new bulkhead luminaires or for upgrading existing fittings from CFL to LED.

Zalex will consume up to 50% less energy as compared to 2D lamps for a similar performance and has a life of 50,000 hours with a five year warranty on the led plate and driver.

• LED upgrade plate
• 5 year system guarantee
• Upgrade 16, 28, 38 and 55 Watt 2D lamps
• Up to 4,100 board lumens
• Separate led’s for 3 hour emergency
• Colour 3000k and 4000k
• Corridor function option
• Dali, 1-10V, DSI Dim, Switch Dim, Phase Dim Options
• Available with Microwave Sensor / PIR

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Conversion Kits

Emergency conversion kits can be fitted to a conventional fluorescent or LED fitting to allow it to continue operating in the event of a power failure. We can supply kits to suit most lamp types and wattages.

Our Emergency Conversion Kits comprise of a high quality emergency lighting inverter module, LED indicator and the appropriate battery pack. Standard kits offer 4Ah High Temperature Nickel Cadmium cells in a stick format. However, side by side formats are also available. ECK kits are supplied with inverter modules which are referred to as ‘Total Isolation’ or 5-pole control units (featuring full 4pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply). This ensures that the ECK conversion kits are suitable for all ballast types including HF and dimming. We can supply modules from stock from the majority of the leading manufacturers.

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Standard Pack

Boxed version of Slim Pack – for 50w halogen lamps.


Emergency Lighting Kits to Operate 12 Volt Tungsten Halogen Lamps in the event of a Power Failure.

• Non-maintained (NM) where the lamp is only illuminated when power fails
• Remote Maintained where a separate transformer is used, ideal for dimming installations or where matching mains operation characteristics are critical
• Maintained (M) where the unit is supplied with an integral transformer

All units incorporate a BSI Approved Charger Circuit to maximise battery life and deep discharge battery protection, essential for Lead Acid batteries. They are housed in a white epoxy coated sheet enclosure, and are supplied with 5 year life sealed Lead Acid batteries.

The 6V and 12V DC charger circuits incorporated into our tungsten lead acid remote boxes are also available as separate printed circuits boards to give users full flexibility with their choice of housings, batteries and maintaining components. The facility of a 10A terminal block on each PCB offers a greater degree of flexibility for installation within a remote box/twinspot/luminaire.

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GU10 Led Emergency pack


  • Provides at least 3Hrs back-up to self ballasted LED lamps with a maximum load of 7W
  • 6.0V 5.5Ah NiCD battery
  • 3 Year warranty (2 Year warranty on the battery)
  • LED Indicator Lamp & Holder Included

Techincal Data

  • Input: 230VAC ± 5%
  • Output: 60-85V~268V (Low start voltage > 90V)
  • Mains Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Battery Charge Time: 24Hours
  • Ambient Temperature Ta: -10°C to 55°C
  • Max Casing Temperature Tc: 70°C
  • IP Rating: IP20
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An effective solution for emergency conversion of luminaries using LED arrays.


• Ideal for use with LED panels or downlights
• External battery connector for simple isolation
• 3 pole isolation of lamp & mains driver power during emergency
• Conforms to EN60598-1 & EN60598-2-22
• Driver complies with: EN61347-1, EN61347-2, EN55015, EN61000-3-2, EN61547
• Mating panel plug & socket connections available on request
• 5 year warranty

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