Walkway High Output Led

Supplied with an IP65 rated polycarbonate base and attractive polycarbonate fresnel lens, Walkway HO luminaires provide 800 lumen output as standard, with the fresnel lens creating cost effective opportunities to minimise the number of luminaires required within an installation. Walkway HO luminaires can be surface mounted or semirecessed and have the option to be easily fitted with painted steel framed acrylic legend blades or with self-adhesive EC or ISO Exit Sign Kits.

The Walkway-HO luminaires are available with mains only or NonMaintained emergency operation. All emergency versions provide 3 hour duration from integral high temperature Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries. Accessories such as self-adhesive pictogram legend panels, semi-recessing bezels and tamper-proof screws are available to complete the range.
The luminaires fully comply to the requirements of EN60598.2.22

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The Astra range offers an attractive flush mounting
luminaire with an optional lens that accommodates a
hanging blade exit legend. The luminaires utilise a
polycarbonate body and lens in LED. Ease of installation
is assured due to the adjustable arms that swing out and
clamp down onto the supporting surface. The optional
exit panel is moulded with a wedge shape to improve
the luminance distribution over the legends. The plain
lens seals the recessed enclosure to IP65.
The Astra luminaires are available with 16 x white LEDs
with Maintained or mains only operation.
(Non-maintained operation is available by excluding a
switched live supply).
All emergency versions provide 3 hour duration as
standard from integral high temperature Nickel Cadmium
batteries. Maintained versions can be used for standard
switched mains lighting but will automatically provide
emergency lighting in the event of a complete loss of
normal mains supply. The hanging blade exit legend
panels require a different lens to the plain version and
must be ordered as a complete unit.
The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include
long life (typically 50,000hours+), excellent energy
efficiency (>100lm/W), low operating temperatures
therefore improving the life of the internal Nickel
Cadmium (NiCd) batteries and good operation at low
ambient temperatures.
The luminaires fully comply with the requirements of
EN60598.2.22 and the low energy consumption assists
with compliance with Part L requirements.

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Led retro fit upgrade geartray for mains and emergency use, 12 watts to 31 watts with dimming options.

Zalex is a high quality led plate for use in new bulkhead luminaires or for upgrading existing fittings from CFL to LED.

Zalex will consume up to 50% less energy as compared to 2D lamps for a similar performance and has a life of 50,000 hours with a five year warranty on the led plate and driver.

• LED upgrade plate
• 5 year system guarantee
• Upgrade 16, 28, 38 and 55 Watt 2D lamps
• Up to 4,100 board lumens
• Separate led’s for 3 hour emergency
• Colour 3000k and 4000k
• Corridor function option
• Dali, 1-10V, DSI Dim, Switch Dim, Phase Dim Options
• Available with Microwave Sensor / PIR

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Margin Led

Slim stylish low profile IP65 rated Bulkhead.


The Margin range offers an attractive, slim, IP rated enclosure suitable for semi-flush or surface mounting. The Margin luminaires utilise a polycarbonate body and lens with linear prisms providing wide intensity distribution. The Margin luminaires are available with an alternative lens which has a slot retaining an injection moulded legend blade.

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Concave Led

Led bulkhead Flush ceiling mount comes with a choice of opal or prismatic diffuser.


For the ultimate in unobtrusive emergency lighting, the flush mounting Concave is the epitome of discretion, offering both the specifier and installer a high quality, easy to install recessed luminaire.

Purpose designed for interior use, the Concave is ideal for a wide range of commercial and institutional locations including, for example, offices, hotels, entertainment centres and public buildings.

• Flush unobtrusive design
• Robust construction, designed to all EU standards
• Opal or Prismatic diffusers available
• UV stabilised and impact resistant materials enhances long-life performance
• Lens design provides wide light distribution to produce a multi-purpose interior and sign luminaire

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Walkway Led

Led bulkhead designed to be both compact and tough, making it suitable for a variety of applications, both external and internal.


The WALKWAY LED bulkhead utilises an IP65 rated polycarbonate base and fresnel lens housing 16 white LED’s . 3 hour emergency lighting duration is provided from integral Nickel Cadmium batteries.The benefits of modern white LED’s are well documented. These devicesare energy efficient and offers a very long life (typically 30,000hours + ).

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Mini-Tuff Led

IP65 robust bulkhead, polycarbonate base & led Diffuser, suitable for a variety of applications, both external and internal.

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