Alarm Sense – 2 Wire Systems

Two wire conventional system designed to work with the Apollo range of detectors, call points, sounders and beacons. All devises may be connected to the same pair of wires.

■ Intuitive user-friendly interface with colour coded buttons
■ Four conventional sounder circuits
■ Integral 1.5 A EN54-4/A2 compliant PSU
■ Fire and Fault on-board relays
■ Class change and alert inputs
■ Space for two 12 volt 3.3 Ah VRLA batteries
■ Fire and fault

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Twinflex -2 Wire Systems

Twinflex pro is a two wire fire alarm system using the multipoint detection system which offers smoke and heat detection with combined sounder from one device.

■ 4 line 20 character display
■ Ability to differentiate between callpoint or detector alarms
■ Available in 2, 4 and 8 zone systems
■ Up to 32 devices per zone
■ Built in ‘end of line’ on all devices
■ 7 modes of detection
■ 500 event log
■ LPCB approved

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