Emergency Lighting

Standard Pack

Boxed version of Slim Pack – for 50w halogen lamps.


Emergency Lighting Kits to Operate 12 Volt Tungsten Halogen Lamps in the event of a Power Failure.

• Non-maintained (NM) where the lamp is only illuminated when power fails
• Remote Maintained where a separate transformer is used, ideal for dimming installations or where matching mains operation characteristics are critical
• Maintained (M) where the unit is supplied with an integral transformer

All units incorporate a BSI Approved Charger Circuit to maximise battery life and deep discharge battery protection, essential for Lead Acid batteries. They are housed in a white epoxy coated sheet enclosure, and are supplied with 5 year life sealed Lead Acid batteries.

The 6V and 12V DC charger circuits incorporated into our tungsten lead acid remote boxes are also available as separate printed circuits boards to give users full flexibility with their choice of housings, batteries and maintaining components. The facility of a 10A terminal block on each PCB offers a greater degree of flexibility for installation within a remote box/twinspot/luminaire.

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