Walsall Housing Group

WHG are responsible for the upkeep of a significant
number of residential tower blocks in the borough. The
lighting consists of compact lamp bulkheads in both
mains and emergency variants in communal areas
specifically stairwells and corridors. Two challenges face
the engineering team, the luminaires are ageing and
repairs including lamp replacement are costly and with
increasing energy prices the ownership costs are
increasing. Our team considered the types of existing
bulkhead fittings and engineered a simple retro-fit gear
tray with led low energy long life control gear. Not only
is the energy consumption of each fitting halved but with
the components coming with a five year 50,000 hour
rating the maintenance costs are reduced dramatically.

As the gear trays have been purpose built the installation
times are fast and both the mains and emergency
versions are offered on the same gear tray assembly with
further options including dimming and presence
detection available. For further information see the Zalex
product range


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